2 many times, life passes us by

2 many days on the run

2 many rhymes, frozen in time

2 many songs not begun

There go the daze of our lives

2 late to say your goodbyes

Keep tryin 2 win, never give in

You’ll find yourself strung out on lies

2 many tears, drowning the fears

2 many nights on your own

2 many dreams, 2 many schemes

2 late 2 find your way home

There go the daze of our lives

No one to hear your goodbyes

It’s hard 2 believe, in what you can’t see

Still harder 2 keep it alive

Don’t give it away, or sell it for pay

Or leave it buried inside

Sometimes it may seem, that we live in a dream

& life’s takin you 4 a ride

There go the daze of our lives

Keepin us all compromised

Being slaves 2 ourselves, livin under a spell

You can come up 4 air any time

The future is free, hold on tight to the key

Don’t spend your days doin time

You don’t have to be high, to reach for the sky

You just have to be satisfied

There go the daze of our lives

You know it’s no paradise

Make your life what you will, it’s only time that you’ll kill

The other thing money can’t buy…..


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